Barristers for class a drugs supply

UK’s leading Defense Barrister for Drugs and General Crimes- Nigel Lithman

Nigel Lithman is a prominent name in the world of law and order. He’s UK’s leading criminal defense barrister. Whether it is sexual offence, murder or Fraud and Financial Crimes, Nigel Lithman has dealt with it all. But his specialization in defense against drugs knows no bound. Nigel Lithman is of the opinion that even the worst of all the criminals deserves a good defense. Whatever may be the charges, irrespective of the name and fame of the offender, Nigel Lithman makes sure that all of his clientele receives the same full-bodied and tall standing defense mechanism against their opposition. There have been many cases where he has taken it upon himself to prove that he is indeed the best barrister for the class A drug supply.


Lithman has an ouwhy-8tstanding work experience of forty years before while he was appointed Queen’s Council for eighteen years. He graduated Bancroft’s School in Woodford Green situated in London. Later he attended Chelmsford College, London University from 1972 to 1975 from where he graduated with LLB Honors. He was appointed as a Queen Council later in the April of 1977. The Chamber UK describes him as “The go-to man when you need someone to cut to the chase and make something accessible to the court.” In the year 2014 he was elected as Chairman of the Criminal Bar Association so that he can stand for the interest of its five thousand members.

Cases- Drug and general Crimes

His presence in the magistrate court is not a novelty. He appeared in a case where a suspected drug producer was using the majority of an old mill in Manchester for cultivating drugs. Firearms were also found in there. He represented throughout the whole petition process of an ex Turkish football player who was charged in a major heroine case. He once stood for one of his client who was an accountant charged with scam in the Building Industry. He has defended his clientele both in courts rooms and in front of tribunals.

Working Disciplines

He has this staggering commitment towards his client that makes him the best barristers in the world of law and order. His ability to pay attention to every little detail is something that what the most of the barristers lacks.  His proficiency in dealing with murders and manslaughter cases are remarkable. He has been in over hundred murder trial cases so far over his career.  His enthusiasm hasn’t deflected a bit and his skills have only sharpened over the forty years that he has been working.  Through his cases he has gained so much technical knowledge that that a man can only experience within the four walls of a courtroom.