The people of India have lots of interest in savings. This is the reason the banks are so successful in India. India has lots of options when it comes to savings like they have a savings account, fixed deposit, recurring deposit and many more things. The people of India think about the future more than presents and money is something which can help in various ways. They also make savings in the bank because they get an interest rate on their savings, so money increases also in a certain period of time. We can say it is the safest way to increase our money in India.


Today in the modern world, the things are changing very fast, so the thought processes also. People want more return on their savings now. So there are lots more ways to earn money from savings. The share market is a better place to get returns these days. It is becoming a common trend in India. Concept of mutual fund arises from share market only. There are lots of experts in the market who deal with mutual fund. One of the best expert is Mr. Mukesh Jindal. He has great knowledge and experience in this field. He has done different specialized courses from different reputed universities. He has done his masters in finance from the university of Delhi after completion of engineering in computer science. He is a CFA Charter holder from CFA Institute, US and CAIA Charter holder from CAIA Association, US. He is also a CFP from Financial Planing Standard Boards (FPSB). Mukesh has also completed his Doctorate in Finance and attained a Ph.D. degree. He has also written lots of research paper which is published in esteemed research journals. He has great knowledge in this financial field and person with so much knowledge can only take care of money of people.


A mutual fund is a concept in which funds are professionally managed in which, the money is pooled from investors to buy securities. Mutual fund provides a higher level of diversification, to provide liquidity. It is managed by the professional so people need to pay fees and taxes. But if you compare things from the bank you need to pay any fees, but in mutual fund returns are more. A person with great knowledge manages a mutual fund then it is very beneficial because share market of India basically work on the fundamental and technical basis. If we talk about Mukesh then he has immense knowledge and he was an associate faculty at university of Delhi and love to share his knowledge and provide more information to his client regarding financial field. He is specialized in designing economic models and to develop various strategies of investment. Presently he works with alpha capital, managing funds of investors. If we talk about the modern world, then mutual fund is a new thing for investment and giving good returns as compared to banks. It is a simple equation, trust the expert and get good returns from mutual funds.