Cosmetic tattoo eyeliner at Face Boutique by Irina

image-8Permanent makeup eyeliner is bright; colourful swipes places along the natural eyeliner. They are best used in small doses. Too much will look weird. Accent colours are used to match, differentiate or deepen the colour of one’s eyes. The colour of the tattoo might also help bring out the flecks of iris colour. To those in Australia, cosmetic tattoo eyeliner at face Boutique by Irina is one of the recommended places to get the permanent makeup.cosmetic tattoo eyeliner at face Boutique by Irina is one of the recommended places to get the permanent makeup.

Permanent eyeliner accent colour in partial lengths alongside the black or brown permanent eyeliner makeup. One may request it to be run full length or apply the entire eyeliner.

How is the eyeliner permanent makeup done?

The process of getting your permanent eyeliner resembles that of a body tattoo. The person applying the make uses needles that penetrate the skin to release the pigments. To ensure no harm comes your way the needles must are sterilised and the techniques use safe and licensed.

Getting the eyeliner tattoo

Before getting the tattoo, makeup is applied you need to patch test the skin to determine if you have an allergic reaction to the pigments used. After that, you can go ahead and choose the colour of the pigment. The colour of choice should complement the eyebrow, skin and eye.

Your technician can help in choosing the right colour for the procedure. A hollow and vibrating needle sized to apply the pigment to the top layer of the dermis. Each time the needle penetrate the skin a small droplet of the pigment is deposited into the hole the needle make.There will be slight stinging equivalent to pricking out the hair on your skin.

After the eyeliner makeup, it will take some days for the redness to fade and take the colour of the pigment shade. In the beginning, the colour will appear dark and shiny with the surrounding tissue red and partly swollen.

To reduce the swelling and infections use antibiotic ointments.Avoid use of sunscreen for several weeks. Complications from the procedure are rare.

For the best results

It is imperative that you take other factors into consideration if you intend to have a long lasting eyeliner tattoo. Your technician needs to be certified and avoid getting the tattoo or in a hair salon. The environment needs to be clean.With care, the permanent eyeliners is a cheap and effective way to enhance your facial features.