Types of hair removal techniques

Women today have great interest in hair removal. The hair removal industry has grown a lot in the last few years. However, due to it’s painfulness and the use of chemical, people are often confused whether waxing is a good option for hair removal or not.lash 8

Shaving is a very common way of getting rid of your unwanted body hair. You can use either an electric device or a razor blade. When shaved, the hair is sliced away close to the surface of the skin. The hair grows again very quickly using this method. Chemical depilatories melt the hair. These are widely available in shops. These chemicals may cause skin irritation to some people. Another option is to use tweezers to remove one hair at a time. Tweezing is a good option for cleaning random hairs. When tweezing you need to use a magnifying glass. Epilators can be used to get rid of your body hair. Epilators actually pull hair out. These devices are not painful to use. Waxing is a popular option too for hair removal. You should use good waxing products like the Lycon wax. Waxing can be of two types: hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax is applied and then leaves it for some time to cool and harden. It is then quickly pulled off the skin. Hard wax of good quality doesn’t stick to the skin, they stick to the hair. So, no harm is caused to the skin. The soft wax has the consistency of honey when heated. It is spread thinly across the skin. The skin is then covered with a muslin or non-woven strip. When the strip is removed, hair comes out with it. It is best for use in legs, backs and arms. Waxing is not usually recommended for facial hair. Sugaring is a more natural hair removal method. You must use water, sugar and lemon. Sugaring is a better option than waxing in a number of ways. Sugar is used at a lower temperature, so risk of irritation to the skin or burning effect is less. It is much easier to clean of sugar than waxes. Threading is another option that is mainly used for eyebrows and facial hair removals.

You can wax any area of your body; but it doesn’t mean that you have to wax every part of their body. In areas where you see small hair growths, like the back or chest, doctors recommend that you should leave them alone. Other areas like the hand and leg can be waxed on a regular basis.