Deep cleaners providers in London

In some situation, homeowners need a thorough house cleaning. Deep cleaning is a speciality in cleaning which most companies to do not offer or understand. It takes many forms including environmental cleaning to end of tenancy cleaning.

For a cleaning company in London to offer this type of service they need to be fully vetted in ‘in house ‘cleaning. The company also need to have a specialist in industrial cleaning chemicals and equipment. So which services do deep cleaners providers in London offer?

image-8Deep cleaning is a good idea if you are moving house or when planning for an indoor special event. Other situations where one can hire pros to do deep cleaning are when staging a home for a sale, pre or post party, moving out of a house or during spring cleaning.

Deep cleaning is advised to all homeowners, at least once in a year. This makes subsequent primary cleaning easier. When selling a house, deep cleaning will ensure fundamental aesthetic value which raises they buying clause of the house.

Deep cleaning checklist


The kitchen has high traffic and probably the dirtiest room in the house. Deep cleaning involves cleaning the interior of all kitchen cabinets, inside the microwave and small appliances. Other kitchen parts included are the kitchen floor which is cleaned with a wet mop to ensure that underneath of all cabinets is reached and the kitchen counter.


During the cleaning the exterior of all bathroom cabinets are thoroughly cleaned, all the walls especially around the toilet, inside and behind the toilet, inside the shower, all the doors, etc. this is done with a hand cleaning, ensuring that underneath parts and behind the toilet are reached. The vacuum cleaner is used to dust all the baseboard of the bathroom. Doors are hand wiped and so does the door handles.

Other parts of the house

During the process, light fixtures which are unreachable during basic cleaning are dusted and so does the hard surfaces and all the carpeted areas. Windows are cleaned spotless; furniture vacuumed, and woodwork dusted.

Upon request services

If you like, the interior of the refrigerator is cleaned. Other extra services include cleaning the inside of the oven, dusting the ceiling fan, dusting wood blinds, etc.

Items not covered

Deep cleaning does not involve cleaning if plastic and metal blinds.

Most companies will offer a free before and after photo to show the difference that occurred after the cleaning.