How to learn surfing

jerem-8If you have never tried surfing it may look tough to you. But once to learn it you will love to surf. The first thing you need when surfing is the right kind of surfboard. Unless you have the correct surfboard, you won’t be able to have the right balance. So, you will get frustrated and soon give up.

For beginners it is safer and better to start on a wide and thick surfboard. Professionals can ride on smaller boards but they also started with bigger boards. You can find surfboards in all the specialized surf stores. You can check online reviews as well and find out which board is recommended for the beginners.

Paddling and stability are the key elements to surfing. You will learn later about speed and maneuverability. The first thing you need to do as a beginner is learn how to catch the wave and it’s all about paddling. You can buy funboards of longboards to start with. The extra volume makes it easier to stand up. Then you need the right websuit. You should ask your local surf shop to know the thickness of your wetsuit in the area you are going to surf. The thickness of the wetsuit depends on the average water temperature. You can find the best fashion surf gear online as well.

You should find a surf spot that is suitable for the beginners. The spot depends on the weather condition. Even a beginner friendly spot may become a dangerous place due to change in weather. You should stay away from heavy shore break beaches, point breaks and reef breaks. You should remember that everyday is different. You need to know about the ocean condition before you go out surfing. You can check out with the local shop to learn whether it’s the right time to surf or not.

You should know how to catch a wave. You can point your board toward the beach. When the white water hits you just jump on the board prone and ride it in toward the shore. You can practice it by lying down. After you learn it, you can then practice paddling to catch the waves.

You can go to surf camps to get surfing lessons. These camps help people to learn how to surf everyday. By going to a surfing camp you will get hands on experience from a talented surfer.