image-8We do have role models in investing. This is successful people who have turned the little cash they had into multi million industries or companies. Observing such people in action, how they think, react to the market and problem solving is inspiring.

No one is perfect and that is why one should learn from others people mistakes. As someone venturing in investment, there are some self-limiting and negative behavior that you need to avoid courtesy of Naples Florida Smartvestor pro SVP rick godfrey manatee river financial group Dave Ramsey investments .

Inside the box thinking

This is also referred to below line thinking which shapes how you view opportunities in a limiting way. It makes people see things outside their control and as everyone’s fault . Above line thinking, on the other hand, is a mentality where one sees obstacles and face them with an open mind. If you fall today you have another chance of doing it tomorrow.

Never acting on your wish

Attaching to fantasies is a no basis to realities. It is important to take broad action towards the vision in order to be successful. If you want to quit your job and write a book, face the possibility that your finances might experience a pitfall but if you believe in what you do things will work out in the future.

Staying powerless and speechless

Successful investors use their power to advocate and negotiate deals. You need to bring up concerns, tackle them head on, speak openly with poise and grace.

Investing in themselves

Unsuccessful individual fail to invest in time, money or energy. They put other people need ahead of themselves. They feel guilt and anxiety whereas the successful investors so not hesitate to send money, time and energy for their own growth.

Remaining preservative

You need not drain yourself in tides of change, ride on it. Successful investors are flexible and fluid to changes in their lives and in the market.

Doubting your instincts

Second guessing is a bad habit. Professional investors need not be sure in what they are doing but they seize a chance one their guts tell them it is the right opportunity. If things turn out otherwise, they do not sulk and fell sorry for themselves. Instead, they keep their hope and optimism which help them recover in the next opportunity.

Investment is a journey .one gets better at it with time. The effort might not translate to success especially at the beginning level but as on gain knowledge, you turn things to your advantage.