Evansville IN Personal Injury Lawyer

image-8More than one million people in USA end up in emergency room every year due to slip and fall accidents. Most of the business compensation claims come from workers with most deaths occurring from home accidents. Most people blame themselves for the injury, but the truth is that most of the cases arise from the negligence of the business owner.

To get compensated one need to prove that the injury was due to another person negligence in maintaining or constructing a safe shopping or working environment. So how does one prove such cases in the court? It is by preserving the physical evidence from the accident scene.

Personal evidence

Business owner have the duty to maintain a safe environment for guest and invitees. If the property owner knew about the dangerous condition and failed to give a warming, you may be able to file a case and get compensated. To prove the slip and fall case, one needs to collect physical evidence, e.g., the clothes and shoes you were wearing.

To prove it was not your fault one need to show that the footwear was reasonable. Keep your shoes in the same condition they were during the accident.

Scene of slip

You also need to document the scene of the accident. Take a detailed picture of the scene. If it was due to the fluid or loose items or debris, make sure they are captured. If possible make an extensive video of the site and the surrounding.

Physical evidence is one component in winning the injury case. Hiring Evansville IN Personal Injury Lawyer is a major determinant is if you reside in the area.

A video record does not have to come from your phone. Police dash cams and private security cameras can help with the case.

When using a video as evident, the camera must have caught the relevant part of the injury. If you never took the video find anyone who did.

How to legally request a video

One can simply ask. Privately ask for the video record. Most business people are willing to give the record if you are a customer.

If the business owner does not cooperate in providing the video, use the law to force the owner hand over any relevant information that might help with the case.

Collecting video evidence may take some work but hold potential to get fully compensated in the end. If you already have a personal injury attorney, he or she will help in the court proceeding and a way to obtain physical evidence.