Running Android apps on PC

You can gets lots of free downloads from the web. You can get free download music songs videos and YouTube converter to mp3, for example.The application ecosystem of Android is versatile and developer friendly. You can create an app for Android and publish it to the Play Store with some restrictions only. Some of these apps that are available in Android are not available o iOS or other platforms. But running Android apps need an Android device. But there are ways in which you can run the Android apps on a regular old Windows PC.

busines-8One way is to use Google’s ARC Welder Chrome extension. As it’s an extension of Chrome, it is just restricted to Windows PCs. This method can also be used on a Mac computer. The ARC Welder is meant for developers. But the loading process is very simple. It is same as the platform that Google uses to run Android apps on Chrome. Apps and games that works tend to run very good in ARC. You should get full functionality from apps like Instagram, Evernote, etc. At a time you can only install one ARC Welder through Chrome. So, if you want to change to a different one, you should go back to the install dialog.

Another way to run Android apps on a PC is to go through the Android emulator that is released by Google. It can be used to create virtual devices that run a version of Android you want. You need to do some file management as there is no Play Store. With a bit of hassle, you can have a more fluid Android app experience by installing a modified version of the OS on the PC. If you don’t want to install Android on your PC, you will have to try to run it in one the OS in VirtualBox. This is faster than Android emulator. With this you can run most apps correctly.

If you want to get multiple games and apps running on your computer then you can choose BlueStacks. It is a hassle-free solution. The BlueStacks App Player is a way to get the apps working. It has a built-in Play Store and you can have access to all the items you have purchased. You can play most games here, but you might have trouble operating most of them with mouse. Using BlueStacks you can make your Window tablet PC easily to a part-time Android tablet. So, now you know that there are different ways to run Android apps on PC.

Company Website Design

Established and large-scale businesses can clutter their company website design with ads, thumbnails, widgets, etc. These companies have repeat users, so the visitors will sift through all these to get the information they need. But this is not the case for small businesses. They need to have a webpage that will attract potential customers. If the homepage is too cluttered and people find it difficult to find the information they will leave the page. So, websites of a small business must be designed with care.web-8

When designing a web page make sure that the customer doesn’t have to scroll down too much to read. If the information is too much, you can have a link to another page for it. You should select some good photos for your website. Audiences are attracted to photos. You should always have fresh content in your website. For example, you have an online clothing store. A customer visits your store and after a few months he visits the store again and finds the same collection of clothing. This will create a negative image on the customer’s mind.

Your website must be consistent with your brand. The logo, color, template, etc. must be same across all marketing platforms. All your distribution materials, like flyers, business cards, etc. must have the same layout and design to maintain brand consistency. You should have a featured image to your homepage. When people link to your site, you must make sure that it’s name comes with a compelling image. The click-through rates in such case will be better. If it’s not possible to have an image, you can have a logo alongside your link. If necessary, reconfigure some code so that you can link it.

The trend is to be friendly with the customers. So, you will see small business sites that hae interactive Flash plug-in homepage. You can have colorful animations to give the users a fun experience. The website must be full of useful contents. The information presented in the website must be fresh and original. You must optimize your webpage so that the search engine can find your site easily and rank it higher in the search engine results. You should have relevant keywords throughout the site. It is better to hire a professional web design company for your website. They know all the modern techniques to make your website stand out from your competitors.