18v cordless drill

image 8Many of the 18v cordless drills are heavy than 12 volts in fact nowadays it is very hard to get 18-volt drill as light as the 12-volt type. However the drill is flexible and can be carried all round since it is not heavy, but its batteries have short charges, and therefore you will be forced to use it for a short time approximately two years but of course it will have given you enough service. It is competent of doing a lot of jobs since it is small and powerful and can fit in the smaller acres plus its power is high.

With the use of an 18v cordless drill, you contain more than enough power to perform work better and faster for instance drilling and screwing than the smaller model also it will give you the authority to perform complete the same task with less effort.

However, the best 18v cordless drill is the one which suits all your needs perhaps you require a drill that can be carried to anywhere or you can use on heavy materials. The drills come together accessories like batteries, chargers, and a box however the brands will vary basing on the brand there came from

Before you purchase an 18v Cordless Drill it is important for you to check on three things these are the type of batteries it uses, warranty, and how well it fits your hand. also you can check on the products reviews from my different sites such as Amazon.com considering it usage and durability. If your drill is going to be frequently used you should ensure you get the right type to escape some instances like the ones that are made for minimal work.

Currently, in the market today, there are more than a hundred brands of cordless drills. The prices of these brands are not similar; some brands may somehow sweeten their deals or come up with a heftier price tag to attract more customers however this should not attract you in any way the only consideration you should take is your budget and the type of work you want to be done. Also before you buy, you can do a little test drive on new portable drill if you are not yet decided on the brand and the model you want, that would be a perfect test, and finally you will get the best option