Pass PMP exam easy

project management 11You commit the substantial amount of money and time to become a PMP certified. Consider getting the PMP certification especially if you plan to have a long-term project management career. PMP proves that you have the commitment to project management and also works as an achievement indicator just like a University degree does.

For an effective and efficient studying, you will require a PMBOK Guide (Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge). The newer version of the guide is 5th edition published on January 2013 on which July 2013 PMP exam onward are based on. The PMBOK may not go into deep enough details that may necessitate getting a supplementary guide to enhance understanding. This is simplified way on how to pass a PMP exam.

Ensure you are qualified to sit for PMP exam
The pre-qualification for taking PMP exam is to have a Secondary degree with an experience of at least five years.In project management or a four-year bachelor’s degree combined with at least three years experience in project management. If you have not attained the prerequisites, you can boost your credentials by earning a Certified Associate in Project Management.

Seek support where necessary
PMP certification exam may be a difficult test and can hinder many candidates from passing on their first try. In order avoid this, support groups, boot camps, and supplementary books are some of the solutions to help you pass. Some of well-known prep books for PMP exam include: an eight edition of PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy , a fifth edition of Hoe to Pass on Your First Try by Andy Crowe and a third edition of CAPM/PMP Project Management Certification All-In-One Exam Guide.

Create a brain dump
The brain dump should have all lists of items, formulas, and any other concept that you’re yourself struggling. You should create a brain dump before the exam and keep on updating it as you advance the study to familiarize yourself with these before the exam. On exam, Eve put this information on your scrap paper

Practice on taking exam
It is a noble idea to practice on taking PMP exam after reading through the PMBOK Guide so as to test your absorption of various concepts. Take continuous mock exams throughout your study to become familiar with different concepts and to boost your confidence in various topics.

Eliminate weak answers
In a scenario where you are not 100 percent sure of the right answer, use the elimination method to arrive at the most probable answer.

Try to answer all the questions
PMI fails to offer partial credit for unanswered questions like other exams does. There isn`t any penalty for guessed answer a question that your were not sure. Leaving question blank only guarantees you 100 percent fail on that question.

Learn how to manage your business

Business development cover a multitudproject management 8e of areas. Having a business development gap in an institution is always hard to fill. These are because such measure requires a large amount of training and experience. The whole idea of having skills in this field is to increase institution revenue. Other roles given to a person in such a capacity include engaging the internal resources to ensure that the company meet its goals and those of its partners.

In Nigeria business developments courses are offered in very few institutions. The need for this training in any country is to produce educational leaders who are inclined to make sound and nimble decisions in business programs, policies as well as practices. Some of the key business and technical skills covered involve the following courses; Education, Marketing, tourism and events, accounting, finance and economics.
During the course three basic areas are covered:

Work development.
It involves helping your team stay motivated, ambitious and highly reproductive. These will enhance the country economic stability and prosperity by focusing on human resource rather than the business itself, a very essential human resource strategy.

Coaching and mentoring
This programme is designed for managers across public, private and voluntary sectors. By undertaking this program, the individual is tailored to keep constant performance and support the executive during times of changes.

Collaborative learning
The programme offers personal and professional development. The individual learns effective ways to listening skills, coaching and mentoring junior staff. It will enhance the company working relationship.
Some of the courses covered include:

Leadership training.
A leader affects behavior, attitude and how other works. Therefore, it’s important for a leader to switch between leadership styles to inspire and engage others. These also include setting precise goals and being a role model. By undertaking leadership training, one gets equipped to become a more effective leader with potential to achieve results.

Conflict resolution
Conflicts are eminent in all institutions.It is brought about by seeing things from different perspective. If no measures are undertaken, the company success is put in undergoing this training, the individual is in a position to build and maintain a positive and cooperative working environment.

Sales training
Customers and prospects change in time. Having advanced skills in sales is one of the best business development strategies. The company is in a position to make more sales, overcome objections, increase customer number and help the business grow with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Emotional intelligence
Training this course provides an insight into other people’s behavior, ambitions and how they feel about proposed business strategies .Developing this skill will help manage the working staff, motivate them and steer them towards the institution goals.