Amazon is the best

I have decided to do all my shopping on the internet since I purchased the best hot air gun in India when I traveled to that wonderful country. That trip took place many years ago when electronic commerce or e-commerce began its development.

From the customer’s point of view, e-commerce is simply that people can acquire products and services they want or need through websites on the Internet without having to visit a store. From their homes, they can do it very easily because the development of technology has allowed transactions to be done electronically and to be safe for customers.

This type of trade has many advantages such as you can choose what you need quickly, you can choose the best price, you can buy from your house and receive the product to the place you want, and you have ease of payment. I think the biggest problem is that companies that are dedicated to electronic commerce must use mechanisms that become them really competitive.

There are many companies that are dedicated to e-commerce like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and others. Each company has different models of trade to attract customers and achieve that they feel satisfied.

Amazon is a great example of how a company that is dedicated to electronic commerce should work. On the Internet, customers express a very favorable opinion about its operation and its offers. Although it is an American company it has branches in many countries, allowing them to have clients around the world. It is incredible the development that has had in a few years since it is a company that started as an online bookstore and at this moment it trades any kind of services and products. Amazon gets its gain by taking a small percentage of the selling price of each product that is sold through its website. Although other companies are very good too, I always buy through Amazon. Amazon is the best for me.

UAE Free Zones: Fujairah

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Free Zones have always been recognized for its assistance to investors and entrepreneurs, when accomplishing their goals and dreams. This is, literally, a free zone, an area where business freedom is the only law to be fallowed.

There are dozens of free zones in the UAE, like the RAK Investment Authority, DWC, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Internet City, Health Care City, Knowledge Village and Media City.

The Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, for instance, takes its name from the Emirate where it is located. It was created seven years ago, in 2007, and nowadays is known like one of the most advanced free zones in the UAE. It offers licensing solutions for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals. Somehow, this place has become an alternative to the Dubai Media City, with more economic registration ways —and easier—.

It is important to point out that the company “Creative Zone” offers its services in this Emirate, giving to its clients the possibility of using offices in Dubai, even if they are only registered in Fujairah.

Why to come here? Its benefits

Profits starting from 17 thousand per year. It includes a huge rage of business support services.

No need to have a “physical” office in the UAE. You can create your company from the comfortableness of your own home.

No annual audits or paid up share capital needed. You do not need to block a considerable amount of money in order to create your society. Different to other free zones, this one does not required this step. In addition, you won´t be audit every year to renovate your trade license.

Legal documentation set in short time

Allowed business – Legal corporations

Free Zone Company

Free Zone Entity (This is the kind of company where there is a single owner with the 100 % of the founding capital)

Branch (A reasonable option for companies who wanted to establish a base in this zone)

Also, it is important to know that free zones like Fujairah (and Ras Al khaimah) offer other kind of free zone establishment, named virtual office or flexi-desk, which are nowadays the less expensive option to obtain a trading or services license, because it does not demand the rent of a space

Categories of Licenses

There are three categories for licenses in the Fujairah Free Zone. These are:

Trading & General Trading License. With authorization to export, import, and re-export (specific commodities)

Warehousing License. Possible to obtain hiring warehousing facilities

Manufacturing License. Obtained after the approval and implementation of the project

In conclusion, a Fujairah free zone company it´s a very good choice if your plans are expanding your company and increase profits.


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How to plan your trip better at your budget?

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Is there any method where IFFC can help in booking tickets?

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Top bloggers in India

The blogging sector in has grown very rapidly in India many people have become bloggers even though it is not a full time many are now in it this has been brought by some reasons where the main is the development of internet where many people now can access it in their home. Some decades ago blogging in India was like a hobby it did not bring income but to some people it provided although tiny.

Blogging today doesn’t only make you financially well up but also, you become famous. According to some top bloggers in India, blogging is not an easy task you have to work harder until to a point where when you go in front people, you don’t have introduced yourself they just recognizes you.

Some of the famous top bloggers in India areAlok-Mittal 8

  1. Imran Uddin

He was born here in India in 1993 He is the one who started Alltechbuzz.NET he manages one hundred plus other blogs webs and services.He also started some other organizations and training platform to help people earn some cash online

He is also the founder of All Tech Media Company which deals with blogging Web Development and other services related to SEO. His aim is to see his company growing day after day. His income comes from these channels Adsense, Paid Advertising, Affiliate Income, & Premium Membership

  1. Harsh Agrawal

This is a collection of bloggers who are popular by the name Shouters. The bloggers have the equivalent minds following their passions and remaining on internet all through. It’s a community of bloggers who are popularly referred as “Shouters”! It is a community of like-minded bloggers who want to live an internet life by following their passion. It was started in the last month of 2008. The name of the blog is called: They have been awarded severally for being the best bloggers here in India several. Their blogs base on Technology, Internet, & Blogging the base of their subscribers is over 830,000.Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising & Affiliate Income. In the field of blogging, there are many benefits it is the. Blogging is an extreme way to establish you as an authority and prospective customers.

If you ever thought or have a vision of becoming a blogger don’t lose hope follow the desires of your heart and try to work out with everything suitable to reach it .finally you will also have something to say in future after you have succeeded.

Destination – Ahmedabad. How can I do this awesome travel?

Travel 4Ahmedabad is one of the largest cities in India. It is the commercial center of the state of Gujarat. Many people from all over the world visit Ahmedabad for business purpose, meeting family and friends and also for spending holiday.

Gandhi Ashram is one of the major tourist spot in Ahmedabad. It was the house of Mahatma Gandhi and is situated near the Sabarmati River. Science City, Bhadra Fort, Sidi Sayed Mosque, etc. are also worth visiting. The city is full of mosques and temples and will give you a tranquil experience. Ahmedabad is famous for its textile industry. So when you visit Ahmedabad, have a look at their embroidered traditional clothes. Have a local guide with you to take you to bargain shops having quality textiles. Ahmedabad is a food lover’s paradise. Once you get there, indulge yourself with the famous Gujarati cuisines of Dhokla, Haandvo, Khandvi, Bhajiya, Srikhand, etc. This city produces plenty of dairy products. So, you will find sweets and ice creams all over the town.

The airport in Ahmedabad is located 15 km north-west from the center of the city, in an area called Hansol. Several international airlines arrive and depart regularly from this airport. There are direct flights from New York, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, and many more places. Ahmedabad is also rich in domestic flights regularly from Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, Jaipur, Pune, Hyderabad and other major cities of India. Most people tend to stop by Ahmedabad on their way to Mumbai or Rajasthan.

You can look online for cheap flight tickets to Ahmedabad or contact a good and experienced Indian travel agent. During festive seasons, you will find different offers on flight tickets to Ahmedabad. As it’s a business center, travel agents have good package deals under their sleeves all the time. The advantage of contacting a travel agent is that they will even book a good hotel for you within your budget. They will arrange internal transportation and even a local guide, if you need one. If you are a non-Indian and is travelling to India for the first time, then an English-speaking guide would be really helpful. The travel agents will also tell you where you can find good restaurants to eat. If you plan to visit Ahmedabad, book a flight ticket many days in advance so that you can get the best deal. A good travel agent will plan your whole trip to Ahmedabad, saving you a lot of money.