Common Problems of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are a life saver during the hot climate. But sometimes, you might suffer because of the common problems air conditioners have. Before the warmer days arrive, it is wise to repair your air conditioners. The best AC repair in Portland can be found online. So, either take your air conditioner to them or ask a professional to come over to your house and inspect it.

Improper operatioAir 8n is one of the most common problems of air conditioning. When you switch on your air conditioner, you should close all the doors and windows. In case of room air conditioners, you should keep the rooms separate from the rest of the house. Faulty installation is another common problem for air conditioners. When you buy air conditioners, you must look at the manual carefully before installing it. It is best to hire a professional for the job. Improper installation results in low airflow and leaky ducts. There are times when the refrigerant charge is not compliant with the manufacture’s specifications. If it is not done properly, then the efficiency and performance of the air conditioner decreases. Some technicians cannot realize the problem in charging and so adds more refrigerant. This makes the condition worse.

When your air conditioner is not working, first check the fuses and the circuit breakers. Before resetting any breakers, make sure that the unit cools down for five minutes. When the compressor stops working then it is possible that the high-pressure limit switch have tripped. In such case, you must reset it.

The refrigerant leaks when the refrigerant is low on air conditioner. In such as, adding more refrigerant won’t work. You need to call a trained technician so that that leak may be tested and fixed. When the refrigerant’s charge exactly matches that of the manufacturer’s the performance is best in that condition. Refrigerant leaks are harmful for the environment. So, during installation you must make sure that the refrigerant is charged at the correct amount.

One thing most of us fail at is we don’t maintain our air conditioners well. We give minimum importance to maintenance until a problem occurs. Over time, filters and coils become dirty. In such case the air conditioner won’t work properly. In the worst condition, the compressor or fans may fail prematurely. You need to clean the filter and coil from time to time. Other problems like electric control failure, sensor problems and drainage problems may also occur. These decrease the performance of the air conditioner.