Crime, Criminal and Justice is inter-related concept

images 8The word crime is not a mere word; this is an act and an attempt to harm someone with inhuman intentions.

Criminal Act

The word crime instils fear in the mind of people, intentional or unintentional, crime harms physically as well as emotionally. Everybody in the life, experiences crime at certain level of time, it might be possible that it had not hurt them physically but emotional harm is also an act of crime. Crime is considered in many different ways, it has no geographical boundaries or any limit. It sometime might prove fatal. The crime in the society has become indispensable part of it .Beginning from the evolution of civilization and human culture, crime and society goes hand in hand. So there is provision of punishment associated with each sort of crime .These types of provisions is essential for the society as well, it provide security and safe environment for the living. If a crime is done by a child, there is also provision to tackle just such crime that come under juvenile justice. Punishment and crime also runs parallel, in another words the type and severity of crime decides the quantum of punishment .The more severe is the crime, themost harsh is the punishment. But it is also true that the quantum of punishment varies from one geographical region to another except some crime.


Every country in the world has their own legal system, infrastructure and guidelines to tackle crime and provide justice. Every criminal in any country or society is provided legal support for free on the concept that every human being has right to protect one self and save oneself. In a situation like rape, some time the criminal failed to get any solicitors for rape charge, as rape is the most hatred crime in the society .Most hatred in the sense that in some cases the criminal may get capital punishment. There are many country which in due course of time has abolished the capital punishment but there are still that has maximum punishment for these crimes. But for the crimes other than these require a strong lawyer‘s argument and a very convincing situation that can help a criminal to get out of the cases. When any sort of case is filled against any one, immediate lawyer help is provided by the government or the victim himself or herself choose the solicitor for this. One of the most fundamental concepts of the jurisdiction is the role of lawyer and a truth that hundred of criminals can be freed but not even a single innocent is put behind the bar for the crime that he has not done. This is the bottom line concept of justice and truth.