Dab Rig Adapter

img 8A dab rig adapter is a kind of short, depressed pipe with connections at both ends that is used to connect the dab rig with a drop-down, down the stem, or vapor dome. In other words, A Dab rig Adapter is an attachment which is fixed on the smoking device and other items. The common sizes of the adapters need to be are standardized in most parts especially to three common sizes. The sizes are 10mm, 14.5mm, and 18.8mm. The entire Dab rig adapter contains gender either male or female. The adapters fit according to their joint size and gender. Many adapters can be converted from one size to another gender also varies from one to another also it can be a combination of-of size and gender Adapters serve a broad range of function, and can customize your piece to suit your needs perfectly.

Dab rig adapter converts a male joint to a female and the other way round a female to male. However it can also be used to your bong to the precise size you desire be it big or small. Other add ons are also found for example Grav Labs Reclaimers which are on 45° and 90°

The price of Dab rig adapter is not fixed. You will always find the adapters in different shops for different prices. Their quality and the type of the adapter will profoundly determine the price. However, the dab rigs are not expensive at all they only differ in price but are not expensive. The buyer determines the color of your dab rig you want since different people has different color tastes.

The excellent place where you can buy the adapters is on the internet. Here you will find whatever you want it is like an open market. You will find their photos and their description, purchasing this adapter on the internet is very simple you just click the picture of the one you want and order it. Once you order them most of the firms selling them are always willing to ship them to you for free up to your door step and this makes the whole process simple. In case the object you receive is not the one you ordered is not the exact one that was delivered your money will be refunded. It is your turn now to go out and look for the best Dab rig adapter that suits you.