Fashion industry

Fashion industry is one of the lucrative business niche one can venture and make a fortune .With all the beauty accessories manufactured and the high demand from the market, there is numerous viable business opportunities and one of the best line of trade is handbag business. From demographics women make the majority of the population and with civilization reaching even the remote areas, the size of the market has enlarged. If you are interested in making something out of this idea, follow the advice below, and it will help you get the handbag business going.MICHE 8

There are legal aspects to consider, but apart from those there are other basic steps that need to be taken with regard to this industry. Here are some of the decision that need to be made even before you make the first purchase.


Knowledge is power and when it comes to any business this cliché applies. One need to do some research on the market and decide which design best suit the public. There is a lot of misconception when it comes to research niche that render most business people spend a lot of money on research guru that in turn consume a lot of money which could have been used to get the business going. All one need to do is have some basic knowledge of market research. For instance, one can get free sample from the business plan which will help in giving a clear course of action to take and also help in keeping you on track as you go through the research process.


By know you are aware that there are many types of handbags in the market, click here Miche purse sale. During the research try and answer the following fundamental questions. What makes a particular brand attractive to people? Who will be your competitor once you choose a certain brand? What will make the customer choose your handbags cover the others? How will you market your handbag? Which part of the population will you target etc? Answering this questions is part of the business plan and are very important in inception phase.

Think through it

If you choose a certain handbag where will you sell it? Targeting a certain population mean engaging in high end or middle class handbags. Have some sketches and patterns in preparing business samples which are an important part of selling a particular design.

Learn on fabrics

Know what you are selling and this includes learning about what material are handbags made from. It’s also of crucial importance to have a budget, and this includes the price per bag and how much you intend to make in that single bag. Budget is a part of your company goal.It helps in setting a milestone that will help you measure the progress and knowing when something is not okay and which adaptation or mitigation measures need to be taken.