Frozen food vs. fresh food

hmd-7The frozen food companies are trying to promote the image of the frozen food. Research has shown that frozen food doesn’t damage food. It preserves vitamins and minerals and has the right nutritional content.

Within three days of pulling vegetables from the ground, 80% of the vitamin C is lost from them naturally. Most fresh food has useful nutritional lifespan of up to five days. By freezing food, this nutritional depletion is stopped. Freezing technology has improved and there are fast freezing technology that lets food freeze faster. This helps to preserve the condition and taste of the frozen food.

When food freezes, the moisture inside and outside of it forms ice crystals. If the food freezes at a slow rate, the ice crystals become big. So, more damage is caused to the structure of the food and it’s flavor. Fish and meat can be frozen quickly by using liquid nitrogen to chill them to -230C in less than one minute.

Meat freezes very well and contains nutrients like protein, minerals, vitamins A and D. All these are affected by the process. Fatty red meat has low water content and so fewer ice crystals are formed that can alter the cell membranes and thus ruin the texture and taste. White meat doesn’t contain any fat and so has higher water content. The water inside the meat freezes into crystals and affects the internal structure and taste. You must use frozen white meat within six months, before it starts to deteriorate.

Large cuts of meat last more than the smaller cuts. Smaller cuts have large surface area compared to the volume. Therefore, more air reaches the meat. You can prevent this by wrapping meat in two layers of clingfilm so that the moisture is retained. You should avoid using microwaves to defrost the meat. You should instead put the meat in a freezer bag, tie a knot and the top and put it in a basin of cold water for a few hours.

The packaging of frozen food must be right. Southern California packaging design expert can help you pack your frozen food properly. The package design will attract customers and will keep the food in good condition.