House DJs

Dj represent the house culture and are the flag bearer of ‘rock and roll’ music in the modern times. They are popular especially with the young generation who love to dance to the tune of frivolous music. From wedding parties to various dance festivals around the globe, Dj means a lot. They have become the integral symbol of discotheque and night clubs, where the crowd does not mind to burn cash and dance their heart out.

Rising to a professional house Djs is quite challenging considering the industry is new. Despite the fancy life most live, there some grim reality and ugly truth behind the rosy picture. To the aspiring Dj, you need to consider this integral challenges before embracing the lucrative profession.

The challenges are classified as internal or external. Some of the challenges are discussed below.

Costly equipment

Like every other professional that have the entry bar set high, DJs have their share if barriers in with one been expensive equipment. The entire gamut of equipment is necessary to horn skill and perform.

Copyright issues

Song remixed by house DJs are often copyright by the original singer or the music company. The extent to which such parties can exercise their rights is a matter of controversy and differ from one country to another.

This is a major hurdle for the house Dj community as a tug of war is intense and show no sign of ceasing. Lawsuit and litigations are common among the two parties, which is a major time and resources wastage.

Ill effects of loud music

Dj have the primary purpose, and that is, to make people dance. With house, music the tracks are optimised for pumping adrenaline. The volume of music during a performance is high and has it is ill-effect on the human body and mind.

Association with narcotics

The wild crowd, house music and weekly performance bring something in mind, drugs. To start with there is lots of legal drugs such as alcohol which comes along with hard drugs. With such moods, Djs have attracted attention due to large consumption of alcohol and LSDs. The truth is not all DJs follow or admire such a lifestyle, however, with the higher percentage of the Dj doing it there is a stereotype that a Dj is a drug addict leading to immorality.

There are other challenges that DJs face e.g. licence, trouble with authority, low pay, etc. If you are looking forward to venturing into the career, the challenges should not kill your dream, though.