Importance of regular carpet cleaning

Every now and then you need to take care of your home item. You need to dust off the shelves, clean out the closet and make sure that your kitchenwares are nicely stacked.Carpet is one of the major items in the house that needs cleaning on a regular basis. One of the main reasons is that a carpet is a favorite playground for the bacteria. It is a favorite place for pollen, bacteria, dust and dead skin. When outdoor debris gets inside the house, it can be problematic. You may unknowingly bring out pathogens that are trapped in your carpet. For example, if your dog steps in feces on the street and brings it into your home, you could have germs like e.Coli that causes illness.

According to a research an average indoor carpet tends to be about 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. It contains about 200,000 bacteria per square inch. These bacteria may cause serious allergies. Outdoor dirts from shoes and clothing can get deep into carpet fibers. This creates a reservoir of allergens that can affect many people. The allergens are like dust and pollen that causes respiratory issues.

Vacuuming is, therefore, crucial for your well being. It is recommended that you get your carpet deep cleaned every six months by a professional carpet cleaning service provider. Carpet cleaning in Redondo Beach provides excellent service. They make sure that no layer of moisture is left behind and so no ‘mold’ can grow. People are often allergic to mold and so can suffer from irritated eyes, stuffed noses, skin irritation, wheezing, etc.

Vacuum cleaner in action - close up

Vacuum cleaner in action – close up

It is a good idea to get your carpet cleaned during spring breaks or before holiday season so that your carpet can look clean when guests arrive. Professional carpet cleaners have the latest equipment that can bring out minor dirts from your carpet. They are highly trained in carpet cleaning and will make sure that your carpet is free of allergens. These professionals can give you useful tips on how to keep your carpet keep all the time. Besides getting your carpet professionally cleaned, you should also clean it yourself at least once a week using a vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming, make sure that you cover each section of your carpet. This way you will be able to protect your family from different microbes and keep them healthy all the time.