Invitation template for baby

ima 8Whether you are planning to invite the whole neighborhood or few kids to your kid first birthday party you need to make the invitation interesting. Planning for the first birthday might be tough as you may lack the experience. However, things have been made easier with invitation template for baby’s first birthday party. From these templates all, you have to do is select the one that impresses you the most.

The below are some tips to help in the selection.

Match the party theme

Birthday cards should set the theme of a birthday party and that is the spirit of happiness and joy. These should not be difficult as you have already known how to navigate in buying clothes and diapers with baby themes. Just to be sure pick bright colors more so is a girl child birthday and zoo animals themes for either sex.

Be playful

In the card, it’s imperative to add a catchy phrase to clue the people to attend that the party will be fun filled. This can also be achieved by funny graphics.

Make your child the star

Is all about your kid on her/his birthday. You have to make that clear in the invitation card. Have a beautiful card of your kid printed on the invitation card. You can put the photo of your kid sitting in a garden of flowers or doing something funny to make other kids adore him/her.

Don’t ignore the basics

This includes the date of the birthday, how old your kid is , where the event will be held , the expected dressing code among others. Make sure the directions are clear and have the kid give some feedback in prior to easing in the arrangement of the party.

Tell the parents what to expect

Birthday card invites must go through the parents before they get to the invited kids. Again it’s the parent to authorize whether to attend or not. Put a little information of the activities to be done during the party so that they will be ready .have the description of the drinks and foods available to the kids.

List of what to bring

Depending on the fun activities scheduled tell the parent what to bring their kids with , for example , swimming suits , towels , sunscreen etc.

Include the end time

This is important as a parent have to be back in time to get collect their kids.