Jewelry rings online

There are many different types of jewelry that can be worn in ones piercing. Standard items include ball closure, barbells and banana bells that are customized to various shapes and sizes. Jewelry rings can be worn the finger or a toe. Other rings worn as ornaments include earrings, bracelets, arm rings, toe rings and neck rings. They are worn for beauty and symbolization.

images8Rings are one of the fashionable accessories with both sexes. Two broad categories can be seen in this ornaments; symbolic rings and style. Different types of rings are used to commemorate social occasions or crucial event throughout history. Let’s look at some of jewelry rings online according to their type.

Promise ring
In most cases it’s a pre-engagement ring. It’s also used to show commitments and vows in relationships. Both men and women can wear the promise ring. With different styles, any rings can be a promise ring as long as you have attached that meaning to it.

Class ring
These are silver rings worn by the student as a show of achieves and honors. They are used to commemorate high school, college, and university graduations. The most common design is a metal band with the name of the school written on it. From tradition the ring is worn in the third right finger or ifs it’s a chain it’s worn around the neck. If the classing ring is given in relationship it means you want that person exclusively.

Engagement ring
The ring indicates that the person wearing it is engaged to be married. Traditionally it’s worn by women and given from the man. It can be of any style but decent to show off.

Eternity ring
They are metal bands of silver around the circumference of a ring. Each stone had the same cut giving a uniform appearance and used to mean everlasting love. Traditionally they are given by a husband to the wife during events such as the birth of a child etc. Three distinct styles are seen in eternity ring. They include; half eternity rings full eternity ring and three-quarter eternity ring.

Mother ring
It’s a memorial ring and typically consist of birthstones of sons be it living or dead. There also exist birthstones to the parent or grandchildren.

Purity ring
It’s a ring that show you have faith and vow to remain a virgin until married. Mostly encrypted with “true love waits.”

Championship ring
They are rings given to champions or winner in a sporting event.
Other rings according to styles do exist. They include beaded rings, carved rings, stone rings, cluster rings, etc.