Spot Exhaustion and Ventilation Expert- Geovent

Spot Exhaustion and Ventilation Expert- Geovent

For Geovent construction of proper functioning manufactured goods for clientele begins with the groundwork of compliant accomplished workers. In maintenance with that conviction, Geovent make available preparation to all newly operated welding and solding operatives, and has welding mechanics and technical team who demeanor superiority examination all the way through the business.

Geovent moreover has made unremitting step up a main concern, executing lean built-up practice to lend a hand to render the establishment and its goods of the most excellent quality they possibly can be. From beginning to end of putting that effort, Geovent has exerted to eradicate squander in its mechanized and equipped practices, and put a focal point on place of work association during lean developed values that endorse proficient and effectual order in manufacture. They bring you Komfort Ventilation til prisen.

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We produce our mechanism in Denmark and they are distributed by means of a set of connections of knowledgeable sellers all the way through the world, for instance in Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, England, the USA, Estonia, Spain, Bahrain, Holland, Canada, Norway, Germany, China, Lithuania, Austria and France etc.

The Geovent goods are fashioned specifically in our industrial unit in Løgstrup by Vyborg and the modern manufacture amenities contains equipment like, CNC-bending machines,  CNC-punching machinery with android benders, an mechanical powder enameling stand and hydraulic construction presses.

ASA-3 Arm

The ASA-3 pulling out limb is used for the withdrawal of welding exhaust, pulverizing powder etc. The withdrawal arm comprises of 5 resistance joints that renders it extremely straightforward to move about into the preferred arrangements. You can turn the wall band for the ASA-3 arm on about 270°. The pulling out channel is fashioned in powder enameled aluminum and is accessible in ø80 – 100 – 125 – and ø160 mm proportions. The Geovent ASA-3 arm is accessible in measurement lengthwise of 2.0 and 3.0 m, except by way of an extension limb the length can be elongated to a full amount of 7.0 meter

Wing Arm

Wing arm ø160 made by Geovent is employed for all kinds of spot removal works, like the removal of welding smoke, lubricate vapor, fumes and dirt. The withdrawal limb has interior transportation parts with 3 steady, self-regulating links that maintain the limb in the necessary arrangement. The ceiling bracket of the Wing arm is constructed out of epoxy tinted steel and can be turned up to 360°. The channel with incorporated handle is made of aluminum which weights very less also epoxy tinted.

A King arm is actually a wing arm made by pipes. The benefit of a King arm of Geovent is condensed shortage of pressure. The King arm can be carried out in ø160 and ø200 measurements and in measurement lengthwise of 2, 3 and 4 meters.