Timber- the ultimate building material

Wood is a beautiful and natural. It provides good value for money. It is also renewable, and so is environmentally friendly. Wood is tough in nature. Wood absorbs humidity in damp conditions and release moisture in dry conditions. Wood is extremely durable. If taken well care of, it will last a lifetime. Wood is very easy to use, repair and maintain.

Ice 8Maximum wood comes from forests. Getting woods from sustainably managed forests lowers carbon dioxide emissions. Each tonne of timber used saves one tonne of carbon dioxide compared to other materials like brick or steel. Timberworks Fort Res rely on the forests in region and its neighboring areas. There are many benefits of using wood as a building material. But you need to have careful planning and monitored construction.

Timber produced from wood are used for centuries to build strong houses that still stand strong. You will find many old buildings in UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Turkey that are still in good condition. Timber is sustainable and ecological. It is a renewable building material. Timber is grown very fast, so there is unlimited supply of it. Wood helps in minimizing energy consumption in a number of ways. Less energy is required to extract, manufacture, transport and maintain wood. According to life cycle assessment studies, the performance of wood is much better than that of concrete and steel. Wood has very good insulating properties. It provides insulation 400 times more than steel and 15 times more than concrete. There are air pockets inside wood which doesn’t allow heat to conduct. Therefore, less energy is needed for heating and cooling.

Timber houses reduce carbon dioxide. Timber homes are able to retain heat and thus provide good insulation. Wood has a positive carbon dioxide balance. Wood uses solar energy to grow and large amount of carbon dioxide is strored during photosynthesis. Only one cubic meter of timber can trap one ton of carbon dioxide! Timber is hygroscopic and diffusible. It filters air, providing a fresh environment to work on. It can regulate humidity well. With its look, feel and smell, timber affects our senses positively.
Timber provides endless design possibilities. The house can be pre-fabricated in a factory where the highest level of accuracy can be obtained. Nowadays, modern technology is used in manufacturing and constructing timber. This makes assemble of products and production quicker. No waste is also created. So, you can work in a very heathy environment.