UAE Free Zones: Fujairah

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Free Zones have always been recognized for its assistance to investors and entrepreneurs, when accomplishing their goals and dreams. This is, literally, a free zone, an area where business freedom is the only law to be fallowed.

There are dozens of free zones in the UAE, like the RAK Investment Authority, DWC, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Internet City, Health Care City, Knowledge Village and Media City.

The Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, for instance, takes its name from the Emirate where it is located. It was created seven years ago, in 2007, and nowadays is known like one of the most advanced free zones in the UAE. It offers licensing solutions for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals. Somehow, this place has become an alternative to the Dubai Media City, with more economic registration ways —and easier—.

It is important to point out that the company “Creative Zone” offers its services in this Emirate, giving to its clients the possibility of using offices in Dubai, even if they are only registered in Fujairah.

Why to come here? Its benefits

Profits starting from 17 thousand per year. It includes a huge rage of business support services.

No need to have a “physical” office in the UAE. You can create your company from the comfortableness of your own home.

No annual audits or paid up share capital needed. You do not need to block a considerable amount of money in order to create your society. Different to other free zones, this one does not required this step. In addition, you won´t be audit every year to renovate your trade license.

Legal documentation set in short time

Allowed business – Legal corporations

Free Zone Company

Free Zone Entity (This is the kind of company where there is a single owner with the 100 % of the founding capital)

Branch (A reasonable option for companies who wanted to establish a base in this zone)

Also, it is important to know that free zones like Fujairah (and Ras Al khaimah) offer other kind of free zone establishment, named virtual office or flexi-desk, which are nowadays the less expensive option to obtain a trading or services license, because it does not demand the rent of a space

Categories of Licenses

There are three categories for licenses in the Fujairah Free Zone. These are:

Trading & General Trading License. With authorization to export, import, and re-export (specific commodities)

Warehousing License. Possible to obtain hiring warehousing facilities

Manufacturing License. Obtained after the approval and implementation of the project

In conclusion, a Fujairah free zone company it´s a very good choice if your plans are expanding your company and increase profits.