Vehicles of Georgia

Georgia is a state of United States with a population of 10 million and an area of 59,000 sq mi. The capital of Georgia is Atlanta. It has an average household income of $50,861. It has the headquarters of 15 fortune 500 companies. Georgia is famous for Coca-Cola. Before we talk about the used cars of Georgia we need to know what kind of cars are famous there.

Considering the topography of the Georgia State some might think a truck is the top used transportation of the State. But it is wrong. In fact, the most popular vehicle of Georgia State is Toyota Camry. But other than that there is bus, train, cabs and all other transports.

The transportation system of Georgia is a complex web comprising of railroads, bus routes and airports. The Georgia state has 120 airports and airbases which is one of highest concentration of airports in the world. Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport in terms of passenger and aircraft traffic. Delta Air Lines and AirTran Airways have their largest hub in the Atlanta Airport.

The rail system is also important in the transportation sector of the state. Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or in short MARTA is a major player of the rail sector covering most of the counties of the state. MARTA also has its rail service in the Atlanta Airport.

MARTA, the core bus system in the state has over 554 buses and over 91 bus routes across the state. Other bus systems are CCT, GCT, C-TRAN, CAT. Georgia has 1,244 miles of highways. Georgia Department of Transport maintains only 16 percent roads of the state.

Cars are another important transportation system of the state. We already said Toyota is the most found brand in the state. But other brands found in the state include Ford, Chevrolet, Subaru and others. Now-a-days students are buying used cars more than new cars because if they buy used cars they get more power at a lower price. There are plenty of used Chevrolet cars in Dallas County which you will easily find if you Google Chevrolet Dallas GA used cars.

Overall, the transportation system of the state is really good with rails, buses, highways, cars and used cars all over the place. The state also has seaport where tens of thousands of tons of product comes and goes every day.